Watch Jay and Nancy in this all NEW joint webinar focusing on how to radically improve your EMAIL MARKETING. What worked well last week might be the new taboo this week. Forget what you think you know about email marketing and discover how you can increase open rates and drive greater overall performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Top words to include in your subject line to increase open rates
  • Insights into what’s keeping recipients from making it to your offer landing page and how to combat that
  • Two ways to position your message for faster response
  • How to turn a small “yes” into a big win

Jay Schwedelson
Founder of SubjectLine.com (CEO Worldata)

Topic: Do This, Not That – What's Working NOW

Nancy Harhut
Co-Founder + Chief Creative Officer HBT Marketing

Topic: Best Human Behavior Hacks to Increase Engagement + Response